Look on this page for information on how to add more interactivity to your Notebook.
Video on animating.

Handout on how to do some basic things in notebook.

The Audacity File gives directions on how to record a sound that you create. Audacity is a free program that is cross platform and can be found at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

This notebook explains how to use Audacity to convert and create audio files. It was found on the SMART Exchange website.

Use this file to create a page recording.

Kiss You Tube - Use these directions to download files from You Tube


Linking - These are the four different types of linking and where you can find them on the object menu.

Smart Essentials is a quick overview of the tools that are used in Notebook.

The SMART Exchange is the official lesson plan site of SMART Technologies. This notebook takes you through how to use it.