Below you will find links to the syllabi and other resources for the TIDE SMART Board Classes.

To submit your lessons, please add your file to your assigned page. All lessons should have a Title Page as the first page. This page should include your name, the title of the lesson and the appropriate grade level. This would also be the location of Illinois Learning Standards that link to your lesson. The second page should be an instruction page that includes general directions for how to use the lesson. The following pages are your content pages. Content pages should include the tips and strategies that are discussed in the class.

Layers and reveal practice

Math symbols to use in your notebooks

Beginning Sounds Snake

Nouns with sound

Garbage Can

Halloween clip art


Lesson Activity Tool Kit´╗┐

Robert Marzano's reflections on teaching with an interactive white board.
Robert Marzano's Research

SMART Exchange

SMART Board Revolution Ning
SMART Board Revolution

SMART Links Wikispaces

Lesson Activity Toolkit "How To" Videos

Tips and Tricks

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines
Copyright and Fair Use

APA Citations
Son of Citation Machine